Director's Message

Harinder Chhabra (IIM alumnus) - Director of The Infinity School
Mr. Harinder Chhabra

Welcome to The Infinity School!

From where we stand today, we can hardly fathom the possibilities that the future holds for all of us. In what is an unknown future now, is where our children have to grow and thrive. It is therefore imperative that we prepare our children for these unknown challenges and equip them with the right mindsets, values, skills and knowledge to ensure that they tread on the path of continuous learning and are prepared to meaningfully contribute to this fast changing world. It is with such aspirations that The Infinity School has been conceived with the motto of "Learning to Learn."

When students believe that they can grow their intellect, take ownership of their learning, demonstrate grit and perseverance to follow through tough patches to achieve long-term goals, strive to be on a continuous learning path, and have a strong moral character, they will grow up well-equipped to face the hitherto-unknown world that unfolds before them.

Our belief in how best children learn is translated into action by our following priorities.

  • Personalized interventions Personalized interventions for each child will be ensured through smaller class sizes and higher teacher-student ratios. One teacher for every 10 students in Pre-Nursery to Grade 1 and one teacher every 15 students in Grades 2-5 will make personalized and customized interventions possible. This will give our teachers the bandwidth to focus on every student and their learning by deploying effective strategies that raise the bar of achievement for each student.
  • Our rigorous, international standard sports curriculum will be implemented by extremely well trained and experienced coaches. Each child of The Infinity School will get comprehensive training in a sport of their choice. Our sports program intends not only to focus on fitness and sports skills but also on developing students into strong willed and grittier individuals.
  • Creative thinking and logical reasoning are much-required skills that help students be creative and innovative in their approach to problem solving. A specialized curriculum that lays emphasis on these has been carefully curated and will be delivered to every child.

The Infinity School aspires to be a thought leader in the realm of child development. Children are and will be at the core of all our decisions and actions.

Albert Einstein said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”