The School Logo

The Infinity School and its motto – Learning to Learn stand on a pillar which is the foundation of its existence.

Lines can extend infinitely in both directions and can create immense possibilities when all the 11 constituents of this pillar, represented through 11 lines, come together to build an ecosystem that fosters learning for everyone involved. This ecosystem is “The Infinity School.”

Each vertical stroke in the foundational pillar stands for a definitive contributor in a child’s learning process and development. The child is being represented by the yellow line in the centre, signifying bright and sunny children are at the centre of everything we do. The lines, from left to right, stand for:

  • 1) The Power of Continuous Learning
  • 2) Knowledge
  • 3) Values
  • 4) Skills
  • 5) Parent
  • 6) Child
  • 7) Facilitators
  • 8) Pedagogy
  • 9) Growth Mindset
  • 10) Learning Spaces
  • 11) Management

The school aspires to create the sanctuary where children are trained to learn and acquire the right skills to navigate through the challenges throughout their life.