Vision Of The School

To build an ecosystem that empowers creation of future generation of progressive thought leaders.

Mission Of The School

To be a safe, caring, committed and an engaging institution that fosters attainment of physical, spiritual, intellectual and creative potential of every individual student by adopting appropriate learning methods, philosophies and systems. To create independent, gritty, value-driven thought leaders who would influence the society in many progressive ways.

Purpose Of The School

To facilitate the discovery of one’s purpose in life.

Knowing one’s purpose of existence and acting on it leads to fulfillment and joy in life. It gives meaning to the actions that we undertake. It provides direction to our plans. It anchors our goals amidst uncertainty and chaos.

The Infinity School exists to actively facilitate the process of discovery of each child’s purpose in life. Every individual has an infinite potential and the school will lend itself to develop and hone this latent potential in each child for them to take advantage of the infinite possibilities that lie ahead of them.

The school's approach to learning, curriculum, faculty, offerings, infrastructure and culture are all thoughtfully integrated to work towards this mission of creating individuals who are purposeful thought leaders contributing to building a progressive society.