Our School

"The Infinity School" is kindled from our belief that every child has an infinite potential which can be harnessed to create infinite possibilities for them.

The best school in Greater Noida West follows an evidence-based approach to learning by drawing references from the latest research in the field of education. Decades of longitudinal research by eminent psychologists around the world have found that success or failure in life is shaped more by the way children are groomed to learn in their elementary years of schooling than by the IQ they were born with.

In our journey to academic and life-long success, non-cognitive factors like resilience, tenacity, strong personal values and a growth mindset play a much bigger role than commonly believed. We strongly believe that we can develop academically tenacious students by adopting an integrated learning approach, which delivers a holistic and rigorous curriculum through a child-centered pedagogy.

At The Infinity School, every child is at the center of everything we do.