First Day At School

Every picture has a story to tell. Can we see through it?

school -collaboration and teamwork

1 Talent may win games but collaboration and teamwork win championships! Let's unite!

Parents Taking to school class

2 You're off to great places, today is your day! The mountain is waiting for us to climb, let's get on our way!

4-Kids Going In school Class

3 When you enter this classroom, you're dreamers, thinkers, learners & achievers. You're respected & loved!

The infinity school Morning Assembly

4 Morning Assembly: In a day full of activities, it's important to start our day with a deep breath & some food for thought.

First day at school

5 First day at school: Let today be a fresh start.

fun with school friends in best school in greater noida

6 Sometimes having fun with friends is all the motivation we need.