First Fortnightly update

Glimpses From Our Regular School Days

school -Motor Skill Training

1 Motor Skill Training: When fun, skills and passion come together, we can expect a masterpiece!

The infinity school music class

2 Music is what our feelings sound like. Let's create magic!

The infinity school - art class

3 Art is not about making perfect things but beautiful things that speak about us.

school children Creativity

4 Creativity is magic. The more we use, the more we grow!

The Infinity school - Hindi class

5 Step-by-step learning a photo to sentence to a paragraph.

Raising little thinkers

6 Raising little thinkers with brains powered by books.

The Infinity school - Math class

7 Math: Not a problem to be solved but numbers to be enjoyed.

greater noida schhol with robotics lab

8 Think. Consider. Analyse. Dare: Can you fit the piece at the right place?

Learning to speak is like learning to run

9 Learning to speak is like learning to run. The more we practice, the more it is fun.

Ball game

10 We learn all about life with a ball at our feet!