The Superkids Inter Preschool Challenge

The Superkids Inter Preschool Challenge

The Infinity School - Superkids Inter Preschool Challenge

1 Happy little feet trotting. Their smiles & excitement is truly contagious!

The Infinity School - Little student architect work

2 Little architect at work!

The Infinity School - childern ball activities

3 Can you put the ball in the basket?

The infinity school- best school noida extension

4 Helping the robot find its way through the maze.

The infinity school- best schools in noida

5 Little fingers playing with the play dough.

The Infinity School - award distribution

6 Excited kids & beaming parents waiting for the award distribution.

The Infinity School - schools in noida extension

7 Your efforts & hard work make you a shining star!

The Infinity School - best schools noida extension

8 Feeling proud of our little munchkins for being such a sport & wish them all the luck for their future!

The Infinity School - best school in greater noida

9 Look at what I’ve made!

The Infinity School - schools in greater noida

10 Yellow, red, blue & green, All the hues together, Create a beautiful scene!

The Infinity school- kids games

11 1… 2… 3… Get. Set. Go!

The Infinity school- building blocks

12 And lo! The structure is complete.

Art Room in The Infinity School

13 Dad, this is how it's made!

Art Room in The Infinity School

14 Bend it, twist it, turn it, shape it: Let's make a spidey out of the pipe cleaner!

Thinkroom in The Infinity School

15 And here goes the last piece into the puzzle. Mission complete!

The Infinity School Thinkroom

16 Twist the threads around the hooks. Can you trace the patterns on the geoboard?

Thinking Games in The Infinity School

17 Tantalizing tangram: Oh, the beautiful patterns we could create using the colorful pieces!

Craft room - The Infinity School

18 Look what our shining stars created!

The Infinity School learning zone

19 Welcome to the creative zone: where every child is an artist, a thinker & a creator.