The SuperKids Inter-preschool Challenge 2019 Grand Finale II

Grand Finale & Prize Distribution of The Superkids Inter-preschool Challenge!

Audience for The Superkids Inter-preschool Challenge

1 All prepped up for the challenge!

The Superkids Inter-preschool Challenge- Treasure Hunt & Adventure Sports

2 The joys & excitement shot high in the 'Treasure Hunt' and 'Adventure Sports' game.

Parents Preparing for Adventure Sports & Treasure Hunt.

3 Parents & little ones eagerly listening to instructions before the game.

Treasure Hunt organised at TSKC 2019 in The Infinity School.

4 Little seekers searching through the treasure trove. Look what they found!

Adventure Sports organised at TSKC 2019 in The Infinity School.

5 Finding our way through the hurdles- Oh, what an adventure it was!

Children engaging in Creative Zone & Thinking Zone at The Infinity School.

6 Plenty of engagement opportunities await in the 'creative zone' & 'thinking zone'.

Kids participating in puzzles, thinking challenges & lego games.

7 Beads & blocks, threads & yarns - how fascinating it was!

Kids participating in art, craft & drawing activities.

8 Creativity is contagious. Creativity is happiness. Let's pass it on!

Students getting skill-based training through sports in The Infinity School.

9 Pitter Patter on the field! Don't you worry, we're developing skills.

Dance & rhyme activities for preschoolers in The Infinity School.

10 No standing - only dancing!

Parents & kids waiting for prize distribution.

11 Just a little something to put up a smile! We truly appreciate everyone who gave their best to make this Sunday wonderful.

Shining Stars of TSKC 2019 receiving awards.

12 Congratulations to all the shining stars for their efforts!

Winners of the TSKC 2019 in The Infinity School seminar hall.

13 We appreciate all the little ones who put their best foot forward.

TSKC 2019 award ceremony at The Infinity School.

14 Let's applaud for every child who tried their best & achieved something today.