Curriculum Philosophy

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."

Albert Einstein

Our extensive study of the latest research in child development by renowned educationists and education psychologists viz. Carol Dweck, Angela Lee Duckworth, Anders Ericsson, John Hattie and many others has convinced us that children learn best when:

  • 1. There is a nurturing atmosphere in the school.
  • 2. They and adults around them believe in the growth of intelligence.
  • 3. Students, teachers and their peers have high expectations from each other.
  • 4. Right balance of challenge and support is given.
  • 5. Opportunity for deliberate practice is provided.
  • 6. Instruction is personalized to cater to the range of learning levels and styles in the classroom.
  • 7. Constructive, detailed and timely feedback is provided.
  • 8. Children are provided with experiences that help them construct meaning and link new knowledge with existing knowledge.

Curriculum of The Infinity School (TIS) goes beyond the printed textbooks, traditional mind-sets and confines of classrooms to deliver a learning experience that helps children gain knowledge, values, skills and creativity. Our curriculum makes us a top school in Noida Extension. All the stakeholders of the school collectively create an environment which focuses not just on harnessing the uniqueness in every child but also on building a growth mind-set in them. The learning outcomes, the content and the structure of the curriculum are aligned to the CBSE board along with the prescribed system of evaluation. We intend to affiliate with the CBSE while seeking the best practices of other national and international boards in designing our interventions.