Middle School Program

The Middle School Programmer offers an expanded curriculum to match the growing abilities of children in assimilating information and grasping abstract ideas. Extending the educational exposure and experience provided by the Primary School Programmer, Middle School Programmer focuses on strengthening the knowledge, skills and competencies of the child through comprehensive, innovative and creative learning activities. This is a unique phase where the child is discovering independence but needs support.

  • An integrated curricula that covers an in-depth study of history, geography, physical and life sciences, math, languages, computer studies, visual and performing arts, and physical education.
  • There is emphasis on an integrated multi-disciplinary approach that enables the young adult to make learning connections between the various subject areas.
  • Every young adult will gain mastery in the conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts and will be able to work with abstractions.
  • Students use design thinking approach to solve real-world problems.
  • Experiential learning through experimentation, observation, analysis and develops a sound scientific temperament.
  • Students are able to clearly express themselves with strong command of the English language.
  • Independent reading of authentic texts is focused on. Group discussions on the same provide an opportunity to debate, discuss and diversify one’s understanding.
  • Problem Solving, Thinking and Reasoning Skills are further strengthened though grade appropriate interventions.
  • Field trips and structured immersion experiences will further provide new learning experiences.
  • Students are provided opportunities for music, dance, painting and sculpture to develop and hone their creative talents.
  • Leadership opportunities are provided in the form of school committee and house system participation.
  • Physical fitness and character building is promoted through regular sports activities.
  • Social Connect projects are undertaken that nurture the emotional intelligence and build empathy for people and the environment around us.
  • Students emotional needs during this adolescent phase are tended to by counselors and experts.
  • Grade Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten
  • Grade 1 to Grade 5
  • Grade 9 to Grade 12