Pre-Primary Program

The Pre-primary curriculum sets the tone for learning by kindling the inherent curiosity in young children. At this stage the children are active, curious to explore, and love to engage in activities that interest them.

Through a blend of Montessori and play way methodologies, we focus on enquiry and self-guided learning wherestudents are encouraged to question, investigate and learn about surroundings and basics of literacy and numeracy skills.

Reading skills are imparted through a research based and proven Phonetic pedagogy which starts right at the beginning. We aim to develop independent readers who are imaginative and curious. Story-telling and role-plays are integral part of their learning process.

Numeracy skills are developed through the concrete – pictorial – abstract approach which aims to hone their number sense and the application of mathematics in day to day life.

Arts, dance, digital learning fosters focus, collaboration, development of fine and gross motor skills. Play, music and freedom of movement develops expression. At The Infinity School, a lot of emphasis is given to all of the above as these are core areas which we believehelp us shape versatile, well rounded and multi-faceted individuals.

Resilience and mindfulness form the backbone of our curriculum and help in development of social and self-management skills as well as creative and thinking skills. Our pre-schoolers attend school from 8 am - 12:00 pm in learning spaces that are colourful, open, safe and welcoming.

  • Grade 1 to Grade 5
  • Grade 6 to Grade 8
  • Grade 9 to Grade 12