Primary School Program

The Primary School Program accentuates the philosophy of ‘Mastery Based Learning’. Our engaging, relevant and contemporary curriculum nurtures thespirit of inquiry and quest for knowledge. Young learners are encouraged to think critically, be open-minded and not be afraid of failing when trying something new. The flexible learning spaces enable our children to engage in rich as well as meaningful experiences, to interact with peers and adults, and to develop 21st century skillsessential to be successful global citizens.

Reading habit is inculcated through structured reading program as a part of the curriculum which we start right at the pre-primary level and is continued through the primary years, as we believe a reader today is a leader tomorrow. Listeningand reading comprehension of various types of grade-appropriate text is also introduced. Spoken English skills are emphasised and developed through daily participations and discussions in the classrooms.

Numeracy skills are developed through methods that enhance number sense and its application in all aspects of life. Deliberate practice of concepts is also undertaken using the right mix of physical and technological tools and methods.

Environmental awareness is created and sustained with an integrated curriculum. Learners are introduced to new learning experiences and challenges through group discussions, worksheets and performance tasks.

Learners are provided with ample opportunities for music, dance, painting and robotics to develop and hone their creative talents.

Field trips and immersion experiences which form an integral part of our curriculum aim at providing new experiences and cementing concepts taught at school.

Physical fitness and character development are promoted through daily sports activities.

To develop sensitive and caring learners, social connect projects are undertaken that nurture their emotional intelligence and build empathy for people and the environment around us.

  • Grade Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten
  • Grade 6 to Grade 8
  • Grade 9 to Grade 12