Primary School Program

The Primary School Programmer emphasis on the learning and mastery of concepts in language and numeracy through an engaging and relevant curriculum. At this stage, children's spirit of inquiry and quest for knowledge is on the rise, and they are motivated by the love of learning. The flexible learning spaces enable our children to engage in rich as well as meaningful experiences, to interact with peers and adults, and to develop lifelong skills.

  • Students develop a strong concepts of numbers and operations.
  • Students are introduced to problem solving in real life situations using Design Thinking methods.
  • Special emphasis is laid on developing a reading habit by regular structured reading sessions in the library.
  • Listening and Reading comprehension of various types of grade-appropriate texts is also introduced.
  • Logical reasoning in Maths and English are developed during this phase.
  • Children are also introduced to the world of computers.
  • Deliberate practice of concepts is done via various online programs.
  • Children are introduced to new learning experiences and challenges through group discussions, worksheets, performance tasks and assessments.
  • Field trips and structured immersion experiences will further provide new learning experiences.
  • Environmental awareness is created and sustained with an integrated curriculum.
  • Students are provided opportunities for music, dance, painting and sculpture to develop and hone their creative talents.
  • Physical fitness and character building is promoted through regular sports activities.
  • Social Connect projects are undertaken that nurture the emotional intelligence and build empathy for people and the environment around us.
  • Grade Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten
  • Grade 6 to Grade 8
  • Grade 9 to Grade 12